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D-Star Reflectors

There are 2 principle networks when it comes to D-Star reflectors. There is the original G2/D-Plus system with the various add-ons that have been written and there is the newer DCS system.  Depending upon the software that is being used by the repeater/node keeper will depend upon which networks that can be accessed. There are a number of software suites available to the repeater/node keeper.

The repeaters/nodes running the G2/Dplus software can only access the REF reflectors and the repeaters provide repeater and call sign routing.  Generally speaking the repeaters/nodes that are available on the DCS network can connect to the REF reflectors. Repeaters that are on the DCS network can and also provide repeater and call sign routing.

Most repeater/node keepers provide the ability to disconnect and connect to the various reflectors.  The ability to do this is controlled by the software and it is up to the repeater/node keeper as to whether they allow this. In general it is allowed by the repeater/node keeper.

The system is only as good as the “bridge to the internet”.  If for some reason the gateway is not working most of the functionality disappears and you are left with a stand alone repeater/node.

If you experience any problems then try and contact the repeater/node keeper and report the problem as they are not always aware of the issue.

Below is a small comparison between the 2 networks.

DCS Network Repeaters/Nodes

G2/D-Plus Repeaters/Nodes - All reflectors are available from one page - Change the ref005 to which ever reflector you want

Have access to REF and DCS reflectors

Only have access to REF reflectors

Has up to 26 “groups” for each reflector - A through Z

Has up to 4 “modules” - A though D

A worldwide “group” - A - where all “A groups” are linked together to provide a worldwide network

Does not have a worldwide possibility but repeaters/nodes need to be connected to where you want to be heard

The provision of “chat groups” - “O though R” on each reflector where repeaters and nodes can be connected for conversations in an ad-hoc manner so not as to tie up the main reflector

No provision of chat groups and people need to call sign route but this is limited to 2 people or repeaters

Provision of regional “groups” within a country. For example on DCS005 there is “worldwide”, “UK”, “London”, “Wales and West”, “Northern Ireland”, “Midlands”, “South”

Some reflectors represent areas but the number is limited

Repeaters have the ability to call sign and repeater route

Repeaters have the ability to call sign and repeater route

Last Heard list available

Last Heard list available

Not easy to locate the last place someone transmitted if this was through a node.  However, the same functionality as G2/D-Plus is available through a repeater on

Easy to identify where a person last transmitted with

















An example of a DCS Reflector is below and I am using DCS005 as this is the “U.K. reflector.

An example of a REF reflector is below and I am using REF005 as this is principally a UK reflector


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